Elegant, affordable, easy-to-use software strategy for destination marketing

Agile Solutions Defining the Market

We develop software solutions that keep pace with rapid changes in the travel, hotel, and event markets. We are dedicated to agile, multi-screen solutions that deliver to websites, Facebook pages, phones, eNews, calendars, QR integrations, HD kiosks, and itinerary builders simultaneously and seamlessly through a single admin and database.

"For pennies on the dollar, get the exact features that cost big DMOs a small fortune."

Open Source & Proprietary Code Solutions

Our applications grow with visitor expectations while protecting our client’s technology investments year after year. To do this we use WordPress and its industry-leading library of 17,000 open source plugins. Added to the free WordPress open source library are proprietary, privately-held plugins that we write expressly for destination marketers.

Fully-equipped Client Admin Panel

Our admin operates your entire digital array and all your products simultaneously from a single administrator dashboard at your desktop. It is so easy-to-use that anyone can learn it in a few hours. Our dashboard is lightening fast. Updates take minutes and go-live immediately. Why waste time and money? Take control of your data. Make the changes you need at your pace—fast or slow. Do your work once and have it cloned to multiple screens and applications instantly.

"Not satisfied with your current vendor. Let’s talk about transitioning to more powerful options."

Don’t be Locked-in

If you are locked-in to a long-term technology contract or if you’re not 100% satisfied with your current technology vendor, ask us about a technology transition plan that waives our licensing fees for as much as a year. We’re ready to jump right in and retrofit our system to your data.

"We keep costs down by coding custom WordPress plugins that include every web technology."

Smart Technology Investments

Product and destination marketers need two things to maintain good websites. One is content management. Two is a set of contemporary tools like interactive maps, itinerary builders, event calendars, and e-newsletters that evolve with visitor and customer expectations. We offer both by integrating our application with social media, smart phone/pad technologies, and QR codes.

Event Support

You know the drill—gather and distribute materials—facilitate registrations and reservations—make certain that everyone has a good and a productive experience. TravelTools makes this work easy and profitable.

"We’ll add a powerful new engine to your website or mobile app.."

Grow Your Member and Customer Base

Money is tight. The economy stinks. DMO members and business customers demand an increasingly long list of reasons to part with their hard-earned cash. Don’t let them wander. Give them solid reasons for sticking with your organization or product line.

QR Code Labeling Programs

Talk to us about our QR code labeling programs. QR codes are about to take over the world and there is no reason why your destination shouldn’t be riding the wave forward. Our QR coding hooks directly into our phone apps showing visitors where products or points of interest are found. Combine this feature with our favorites/itinerary builder and your customers will know where they can find your points of interest when they travel.

"We are the new kids on the block. We have no axes to grind. No routines. No technology lock-ins or bad habits. We just have results and a commitment to work hard to earn your trust."