Become a beta partner at the cutting edge of innovation

What is a beta partner

Beta status is a time-honored designation. All technology companies, including giants like Google and Apple, work with people like you to develop new products.

New things happening daily at TravelTools

People who work with travel technology liken the experience to playing in a sandbox. Anything can happen. The primary goal of a framework like WordPress is to ease the creation of complex, database-driven websites. What this means is that we don’t have to spend our time and your money figuring out how to make things work. Instead, we concentrate on using WordPress to solve problems within actual working environments. Since there are about 17,000 WordPress plugins, the amount of solving is quite impressive. What we can’t solve using open source plugin solutions, we solve by ourselves. Our recent development facilitates multiple visualizations in the same way that a user can use a menu to select multiple displays or print options.

Become a beta partner

TravelTools is the new kid on the block. We know this and work ten times harder than our competition. Yet, we can’t do it all. We need your feedback to build world class products. If you wish to become a beta partner on a new product concept, all licensing and set-up fees will be waived as we develop within your working environment. In some cases, we will gladly reduce our fees for migrating your entire site to our proprietary WordPress framework. We realize that system migration is a challenge that is why we are willing to bend over backwards to see to it that you have the best of the best at a price you can afford.