Maps, event calendars, itinerary builders, admins, social media

Google features including directions

Google sets the trends. It leads in innovations such as door-to-door directions giving your visitors up-to-date access to changes in your community.

But we already have these features

Really? Technology solutions are like cars. You can have one that races down the street, drawing admiration from passersby, and never needing repairs or you can have a gas guzzler, that putts around the block and is constantly in the shop. The choice is yours. Sometimes its best to just start over. Ask us about a technology transition plan. We’ll have you up and running quickly with interruption to your current operations.

Password-protected admin panel

Your password-protected admin panel allows you to add, delete, or modify all tools and deliverables. The entire application management system can be mastered in a half hour resulting in reductions in staffing and increases in productivity.

Custom user itinerary trip maps

What’s a trip without an itinerary? Fortunately, you won’t have to find out. TravelTools builds itineraries and sends them to your visitors as CMS-driven e-newsletters with embedded custom itinerary maps. Imagine visitors walking down your streets being guided at every turn by a custom map that they are reading on their iPhone or iPad.

Award-winning graphic design

We want to make you look good by melding advanced programming with your branded image.

Prompt delivery without excuses

If someone tells you that it will take four months to develop your online capacity, don’t listen! What they are telling you is that don’t know what they are doing and are using the time to learn what they don’t know on-the-fly. We make you a priority delivering your product within two weeks after we receive your membership and events database.

Robust shopping cart and e-commerce

Traveltools supports a Satchmo shopping environment that is built, like all other features, into our client’s Django framework. Satchmo is considered by many to be the premier shopping environment when connected to scalable data structures like PostgreSQL. Satchmo can run anything from a small business to a huge company like Amazon.

Streetview embeds

Another exciting feature are Google Streetviews embedded into map content. This feature is particularly helpful when using on smart devices at the street level. Like all features, Google Streetview can be turned on or off at the admin.

Mappable events

We link your events to maps. By adding events to maps, your visitors see what’s happening and where. They will also see everything that is happening nearby. Like all our maps, events maps can be see on screen, sent through the mail, or fed into smart devices allowing your visitors to be able to use them as they walk down the street.

All tools embedded into your site

We support many tools—all of which are embedded in your site. We simply reject alternatives that take your visitors to another page or domain. We poo-poo half-baked solutions where your logo is placed apologetically on the top of our page. Our primary goal is to create great software applications, that are easy-to-use while reflecting your organizational brand!

Maps, maps, and more maps

Traveltools allows you to make three maps types. The first is a main map with all you members. the second is a map that shows only one member. The last type allows you to select a subset of you POIs and map those at a different scale and point of focus. For example, you may wish to make a map of a film series that is comprised of 15 unique venues. You may wish to add a few restaurants or local water holes around the theaters as well.

youtube embeds and full-multimedia

Both you and your members can embed youtube videos and extended slideshows into map and event listings.

Coupons and other printables

Your members can upload coupons, hot deals, menus, fliers and anything else that they want your visitors to download.

Data mining your site for marketing

Traveltools captures user profiles that are matched with user-defined preferences and purchases. As your system grows, so does your knowledge of your stakeholders and constituencies. This knowledge reveals emerging patterns that match demographics with businesses, attractions, and activities.

Full CMS design, retrofitting existing site content, CMS implementation

We write complete and customized content management systems using Django, WordPress, or Drupal CMS. These systems embed into the very same dashboard that we use to run you list of tools. They also draw from and manage the same database.