CMS, database design/integration, social media, data mining

Full WordPress CMS Services and Integration

We are committed to putting you in control of your website, smart applications, and social media streams. The best way we know to do this is through WordPress. Furthermore, 75% of the world’s largest sites agree and do the same. What we’ve added is the ability to integrate your data with all channels or digital screens. Multi-channel integration is the future Technology Predictions for 2012. Using our proprietary WordPress plugin, one easy change to your database means instant updates to Twitter, Facebook, web, HD, and smart channels.

Managing Your WordPress Site

Employing an advanced WordPress CMS makes website management is as easy as 1, 2, 3. I’m not talking about easy for programmers like us. I’m talking about easy for busy people like you who have a million things to do besides wrestling with your website. WordPress requires no technology skills and can be a learned in a few hours. We also specialize in SEO through CMS plugins. We can also retrofit a new CMS into a tired and outdated system.

Robust shopping carts and e-commerce

Traveltools supports fully scalable WordPress shopping environments with useful, robust, tested features such as multiple payment models, flexible shipping options, unlimited number of images per product, automatic thumbnail image generation, inventory tracking, tax tables, customer accounts, user comments and ratings for products, flexible discount codes, included translations for seven languages, date and currency formatting based on locale, encryption of credit card information, caching, a suite of included unit testing, generation of PDF invoices, packing slips, and shipping labels, full store product searching, Google Analytics integration, Google adwords support, Google base feeds, newsletter support, recently viewed items, and wish lists.

Data Mining through QR Programs

QRs will become the hottest thing in destination marketing. How “hot” depends on how destination marketers use them and if they integrate with their “tools set” to produce maximum results. To this end, TravelTools integrates QR codes with your data—keeping track of local activities coupled with user profiles, purchases, and/or preferences.

Database construction in MySQL

We assume that your events, attractions, and memberships are in a database. If they are, congratulations, you already know how easy life can be. If your data is a little ragged around the edges, that’s okay. At an additional cost, we will organize your membership and event data into a structure that facilitates online mapping, document production, data mining, and marketing. We will also migrate your data from a poorly working environment into MySQL.

Data Mining Your Site for Marketing

TravelTools captures user profiles that are matched with user-defined preferences and purchases. As your system grows, so does your knowledge of your stakeholders and constituencies. This knowledge reveals emerging patterns that match demographics with businesses, attractions, and activities.

Database Integration

Your destination data isn’t valuable because it is extensive. It’s valuable because you can put it to work. TravelTools integrates every aspect of your workflow and the information that serves it. By integrating your data, you will be able to see correlations between things that would otherwise be hidden. Our system generates user profiles. These can be cross tabulated with events and offers. The possibilities are endless.