Integrated, cost-effective solution, best price guarantee

Integrated, cost effective solution

TravelTools is an integrated software solution that manages day-to-day operations of destination marketing organization websites and mobile apps. It streamlines operations surrounding membership lists, points of interest, events, interactive maps, event calendars, announcements, e-newsletters and custom visitor itineraries. It supports seamless integrations with mobile apps and social media. Given the system’s ability to interface so effortlessly with all contemporary media and output channels, it is cost effective giving marketers more than they already have at fraction of their current cost.

Stretching your organizational dollar

This economy stinks. Everyone is tightening their belts. The question is this. Can you afford to waste your resources on poor products that cost more or the same as better ones? Of course not. Few can. By licensing TravelTools, you are inline for free and frequent version upgrades and free hosting. For example, we just added phone apps and QR code support. We will be supporting other new things within months. When you invest in TravelTools, you stretch your organizational dollar and grow your capacity to reach your market. Contact us and we’ll gladly explain how.

Complimentary free hosting

We’re not interested in “nickle and diming” you. Your install will be hosted free on our distributed, load balanced, cloud array.

Coupons and Downloads

Your members can upload coupons, hot deals, menus, fliers and anything else that they want your visitors to download.

Monetizing your installation

TravelTools is easily monetized. We share advertising revenues with our clients. If advertising isn’t for you, there are at least a dozen other tasteful ways of recovering your yearly licensing fee.

Protecting Your Investment

Our clients don’t own our software. Its like Microsoft Office. They license it. Why is that good? The main reason is that if you own technology, it belongs to you and you have to bear the expense of updating it. You also bear the loss as it fails to keep pace with the technology market. Your investment in TravelTools is secure because we, like Microsoft, have programmers and systems engineers that are working all day to improve your license with new and free features.