Mobile Apps with QR Integrations

The Smartphone Revolution

As reported by USA Today, "In 2008, the three key sectors of the industry—hotels, airlines and rental car companies—had less than $20 million in direct domestic bookings that were made via [smart] phones (PhoCusWright). In 2010, hotels will see [smart phone] booking revenue surge to $76 million, it estimates. Airlines will generate $61 million, while rental car companies could expect about $23 million."

Phone apps are FREE with our core system

Our apps aren’t expensive additions. They are natural by-products of systems that we install. Each system comes with fully integrated iPhone, Droid, and HTML mobile apps.

Full system integration

Our mobile apps are fully integrated with your administrator panel and database. Changes to your database go live instantly on your website and phone app.

iPhone, iPads, Droids, HTML

Our proprietary WordPress plugin supports phone apps of two kinds. The first are native apps such as iPhone, iPads, and Droids downloaded from app stores. The second are generic HTML apps that we couple with QR codes to geometrically increase commerce at the point of purchase. Learn how!!

Full QR-code Compatibility

QR-code/phone apps programs are FREE with your system. Not only does a QR-code/phone apps program increase commerce, it gives you something to crow about. QR-code/phone apps programs are the stuff that industry analysts write about everyday.

Custom user itinerary maps sent to visitors and friends using mobile apps

What’s a trip without an itinerary? Fortunately, your visitors won’t have to find out. Our system builds itineraries and sends them to mobile phones as custom itinerary maps. Imagine visitors walking down your streets being guided at every turn by a custom map that they are viewing on their iPhone or iPad. Contact us for details.

Exponential growth of the destination pie by coupling mobile apps with QR codes

Mobile apps coupled with QR codes are a potent force for economic growth. You can read about this type of “what else marketing” by clicking here. Create synergies among your members by using QR codes at events, shops, restaurants, and hotels. Multi-channel technology that is a win-win for everybody.